Silky Smooth!

A LOT of our products call for a clean, dry base – LipSense, ShadowSense, LinerSense.. Until you get to the skin care! Then we suggest you layer that stuff on, the more the better! Why? SeneDerm and MakeSense cosmetic products are designed to work together for your healthiest skin! One more product to add to your routine: MakeSense Silk Pore and Wrinkle Minimizer!


That’s a long title, but it’s a product that has SO many benefits! For now, we’ll just call it “Silk”. Continue reading “Silky Smooth!”


Get Your Glow On!

MakeSense Pearlizer is an amazing addition to your SeneGence face! With all the benefits of our foundations and SenePlex Complex, Pearlizer is one of our most flexible products!


You can use Pearlizer Continue reading “Get Your Glow On!”

SeneDerm Skin Care – Normal to Dry

Dry skin can become super uncomfortable, tight, blotchy, maybe even flaky and prone to premature wrinkles! But, it’s totally possible to balance your skin’s hydration again and bring back your beautiful glow!


The Normal-to-Dry SeneDerm line is for people with very little or no natural oils and helps to gently exfoliate and rebalance your skin with the natural oils your skin needs! Continue reading “SeneDerm Skin Care – Normal to Dry”

SeneDerm Skin Care – Oily

Settle in for another long post! I can’t speak highly enough about our skin care products, but because there’s so many options, I’m covering one a day! Yesterday we talked about the Oily to Acne line and some of my experiences with that. It makes sense to move into Normal to Oily next, because I swear by this line too!

2007712bae1d0b57ceca063bea7b5538 Continue reading “SeneDerm Skin Care – Oily”

SeneDerm Skin Care – Acne

Grab some popcorn yall, this post is going to be a long one!

I’m so passionate about our skin care and will point it out every chance I get because it’s the first product line I’ve found that TRULY WORKS! And I tried everything!0b52f4ee009390bf05d2b7f6d182ea75

I debated on combining all the skin care lines into one post, but we know that I’m going to ramble and give you all the details, so we’ll split it up! Today, Continue reading “SeneDerm Skin Care – Acne”