Get Your Glow On!

MakeSense Pearlizer is an amazing addition to your SeneGence face! With all the benefits of our foundations and SenePlex Complex, Pearlizer is one of our most flexible products!


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SeneDerm Skincare – Dry

Last week’s post was for Normal to Dry skin, maybe you only have spots where your skin is dry, or days where you need a little more moisture.

Today is different, the SeneDerm Dry skin line is for very dry skin that needs some extra lovin’! If you have no oiliness throughout the day and your skin feels tight, especially after showering or swimming, you’ll want to start here!


If your skin is dry, rough, itchy, or even scaly, it’s time to listen to what your skin is telling you! Most of the time dry skin comes from external factors and can totally be reversed with the moisture it’s begging for! Continue reading “SeneDerm Skincare – Dry”

SeneDerm Skin Care – Normal to Dry

Dry skin can become super uncomfortable, tight, blotchy, maybe even flaky and prone to premature wrinkles! But, it’s totally possible to balance your skin’s hydration again and bring back your beautiful glow!


The Normal-to-Dry SeneDerm line is for people with very little or no natural oils and helps to gently exfoliate and rebalance your skin with the natural oils your skin needs! Continue reading “SeneDerm Skin Care – Normal to Dry”

SeneDerm Skin Care – Oily

Settle in for another long post! I can’t speak highly enough about our skin care products, but because there’s so many options, I’m covering one a day! Yesterday we talked about the Oily to Acne line and some of my experiences with that. It makes sense to move into Normal to Oily next, because I swear by this line too!

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Skin Sin #2 – Not Getting Enough Water!

I am SUPER guilty of this one! You hear that you need to drink enough water for all kinds of reasons, health, energy, digestion, and your SKIN! Get your 64 ounces a day! I forget all the time, or I’ll reach for a coke instead. I’m going to get better at that, promise!

But, to help your skin regain some of the moisture that is missing from dehydration, SeneGence Climate Control can help! Climate Control is a little miracle in a bottle. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is AMAZING for your skin and commonly used for burn victims. IT can be super beneficial for rosacea, eczema, acne, scars, stretch marks, dry skin, and sun burns if you got too much sun! I have seen amazing results for all kinds of uses!

Climate Control

Because moisture is pulled from your skin by dry air and your environment, it’s recommended to seal this baby in with the moisturizer of your choice, and follow with your perfect SeneGence skincare routine!

Excuse me while I go fill up a huge water bottle.. need to catch up on a couple days’ intake!