Ugly LipSense Combos!

I challenged my ladies on my Facebook group to create an ugly combination with my personal stock. It was super fun and they liked coming up with suggestions!

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I joined! Now what?

How exciting!! I can’t wait to hear how you grow your little business and where it can take you!


I approached my set up a little differently, so these graphics will be a little out of order, along with extra tips and tricks to help you feel confident when you tell people that YOU are their new lip girl!


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LipSense is EASY!

I’ve talked before about how to apply LipSense, and how super fun it is to play with layering and combos. I have had so much fun playing with new colors and seeing what they look like together and with different glosses!


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Free LipSense!

e1d8011659f3475d4a1a53391a65544aWant to win a FREE collection for Mother’s Day? Know a mommy who deserves to win? Head over to my facebook, find the above image, and follow the instructions before the end of the contest on Friday!


Let’s talk cost

One of the most common questions I’m asked is “why does it cost so much?”.

The cost of a starter kit can definitely make someone cringe if they are unfamiliar with LipSense. You can’t just buy the color. After you have your kit though, you can just replace tubes as needed and keep the cost down!


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