Matte, Shimmer, and Frost

We’ve talked about how LipSense has 36 AMAZING colors to choose from, not to mention limited edition and special release colors that are added to the line all the time! The layering possibilities are literally endless and I LOVE trying to make my new favorite combo!


But there’s so much more to choose than just your color! Let’s talk about finish. Continue reading “Matte, Shimmer, and Frost”


Ugly LipSense Combos!

I challenged my ladies on my Facebook group to create an ugly combination with my personal stock. It was super fun and they liked coming up with suggestions!

Collage 2017-05-20 21_27_21

Here’s the secret though. Continue reading “Ugly LipSense Combos!”

LipSense is EASY!

I’ve talked before about how to apply LipSense, and how super fun it is to play with layering and combos. I have had so much fun playing with new colors and seeing what they look like together and with different glosses!


So I was super surprised when I saw something on Pinterest that said Continue reading “LipSense is EASY!”

LipSense Combos

Because the LipSense formula is so thin, it opens up a whole new world for lip color – LAYERING. You can combine colors to match your favorite old lipstick, lighten up a bright shade, or get a deeper color! FB_IMG_1491239303544

With just three LipSense colors, you have 27 custom Continue reading “LipSense Combos”