Let’s talk cost

One of the most common questions I’m asked is “why does it cost so much?”.

The cost of a starter kit can definitely make someone cringe if they are unfamiliar with LipSense. You can’t just buy the color. After you have your kit though, you can just replace tubes as needed and keep the cost down!


And with LipSense, you really are getting your money’s worth! Continue reading “Let’s talk cost”

Skin Sin #1 – Sun Overexposure

Over on my Facebook group, we’re talking about the 7 Skin Sins we all make, and how to correct them with SeneGence products!

Sin #1 – Sun overexposure

As summer sneaks up on us, it’s time again to think about our plans to protect against overexposure! Too much sun means different things for different people, I’m SUPER pale, so my “too much” is about 45 minutes

Collage 2017-04-21 07_29_02

It actually makes it HARDER to tell if you’ve had too much sun Continue reading “Skin Sin #1 – Sun Overexposure”

BLUE Red?!

Blu Red, our brightest red LipSense (in stock now!), brings up an interesting question. How is that blue? That’s RED!


I love that it’s called that, because the undertones of lip colors are usually NOT named outright. Continue reading “BLUE Red?!”

LipSense Sale! April 28-30th, Hurry!

This weekend only, get 10% off your order with FREE shipping!


To qualify for the sale, your order must be in stock and ready to ship today! Check out all the colors available here! Continue reading “LipSense Sale! April 28-30th, Hurry!”

SeneGence Growth

I want to take a sec and talk to yall about our company. There has been AMAZING growth over the last year.. no one could have imagined we could grow so quickly, 2,030% growth!


THAT’S A COMMA! Continue reading “SeneGence Growth”