That’s not even a word!


A LOT of people know about LipSense, they’ve seen the videos floating around about magic lipstick, maybe they have a second cousin who sells it. But if someone mentions SeneGence, did you know what it was? (Before we got so close, obviously, now you’re a SeneGence pro and are already more educated than most are when they join, nudge nudge)


Senescence + Intelligence + Synergy = SeneGence Continue reading “That’s not even a word!”



NailExtend is BACK with an amazing improved formula!


For nail strength, length, and health, NailExtend is going to help your nails from the inside out! Continue reading “NailExtend”

Freebie Friday!


Message me here and tell me that you need to finally try our products! You’ll get a couple of goodies and a special surprise in the mail!

Silky Smooth!

A LOT of our products call for a clean, dry base – LipSense, ShadowSense, LinerSense.. Until you get to the skin care! Then we suggest you layer that stuff on, the more the better! Why? SeneDerm and MakeSense cosmetic products are designed to work together for your healthiest skin! One more product to add to your routine: MakeSense Silk Pore and Wrinkle Minimizer!


That’s a long title, but it’s a product that has SO many benefits! For now, we’ll just call it “Silk”. Continue reading “Silky Smooth!”

But I NEED Lipliner!

We’ve been convinced for decades that lipstick requires lip liner. It’s going to give you a clean line, prevent feathering and smudging, and keep your lipstick looking clean. I don’t know about you, but when I would wear liner, my lipstick would wear off long before my liner and I’d end up with a look that was only cool for a brief moment in the 90’s. There are a few companies today that insist you need both as a “kit”, and they still work about as well as they always have. But… doesn’t LipSense already solve all those problems?


There’s a few reasons I’d recommend using LipSense as liner, and a few I wouldn’t. Continue reading “But I NEED Lipliner!”