Silky Smooth!

A LOT of our products call for a clean, dry base – LipSense, ShadowSense, LinerSense.. Until you get to the skin care! Then we suggest you layer that stuff on, the more the better! Why? SeneDerm and MakeSense cosmetic products are designed to work together for your healthiest skin! One more product to add to your routine: MakeSense Silk Pore and Wrinkle Minimizer!


That’s a long title, but it’s a product that has SO many benefits! For now, we’ll just call it “Silk”.Silk is an awesome addition to your skin care routine. It should be applied after the DayTime Moisturizer of your choice, just rubbing in on with your fingers is fine, no need for brushes or blenders. It’s an amazing primer before you apply your MakeSense Foundation, or can be worn alone with your naturally beautiful skin! It’s going to help in SIX ways!


  1. As a primer, it relaxes and fills in fine lines and wrinkles. Check out that orange! Woah!
  2. Silk firms and tightens skin through enhanced collagen production.
  3. It’s going to minimize the appearance of pores as well as wrinkles! This is especially helpful if you’re still battling oily skin like I am!
  4. It’s going to help even out your skin tone, discoloration, help to naturally repair any UV damage.
  5. Just like all of our other skin care products, this will be SUPER hydrating with natural ingredients like Lavender, Blue Seaweed, Orchid, and Algae.
  6. SenePlex Complex hasn’t popped up in our chats in.. like a whole 4 days.. it’s our patented compound of kinetic enzymes that increase your skin cell’s renewal process!


Silk is a powerhouse of benefits, and often overlooked as just a primer! This can really kick both your skin care routine and your makeup look to the next level. I always recommend this as the next step in your collection after you’ve started using our skin care! I can’t wait to see your results!


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