But I NEED Lipliner!

We’ve been convinced for decades that lipstick requires lip liner. It’s going to give you a clean line, prevent feathering and smudging, and keep your lipstick looking clean. I don’t know about you, but when I would wear liner, my lipstick would wear off long before my liner and I’d end up with a look that was only cool for a brief moment in the 90’s. There are a few companies today that insist you need both as a “kit”, and they still work about as well as they always have. But… doesn’t LipSense already solve all those problems?


There’s a few reasons I’d recommend using LipSense as liner, and a few I wouldn’t.

If you want to create a line to follow with your LipSense wand, or want a subtle overline just outside of your natural lip line, then lining with LipSense will be perfect for your needs. If you feel like you want a liner because you’re still concerned that it may feather or smudge, I’d recommend trying to line with the tip of the LipSense wand before you decide to purchase LinerSense. After you’ve used your new magic lipstick for a couple of days, you’ll realize that REALLY ISN’T a concern anymore.


LinerSense is designed to blend, compliment, and enhance LipSense colors. That said, they may not always be a perfect match, that’s something to take into consideration when you choose your colors!

Use LinerSense if

  • You want a clean, precise line that is harder to achieve with the wand tip
  • You have to take a little extra time to even out your lip lines, sometimes we want to straighten out a crooked smile!
  • You have cold sore or breakouts on the lip line that you would prefer to cover completely. I used to have acne breakouts along my lips that LOOKED like cold sores, no matter how many times I reminded people that they WEREN’T. This would have come in handy!
  • Lip liner is your absolute FAVORITE makeup product and you can’t live without it


LinerSense is applied similar to LipSense. Shake it up and apply in one solid motion from one corner of your mouth to the other! It will have the same long wear power that all of our products do and will break down with your Ooops! Remover.

If you LOVE the dramatic overlined look that is so trendy lately, you could be happy either way. I tend to use my LipSense to overline darker colors. There’s no right or wrong answer for if you need LinerSense. I’ve had some ladies that ordered it and LOVED it, and I’ve had some clients that I actually recommended they tried without it to decide if they NEEDED it. The choice is up to you and as always, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed – I wouldn’t have it any other way for my clients!


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