My Lipgloss is poppin’!

We talked about the different gorgeous finishes that LipSense colors can offer, but you can take it to a whole new level when you top it with your gloss!


LipSense works as a two-part system and needs the gloss to finish up the process!

Glossy Gloss is recommended for all newbies and will come in your starter kit along with your color and Ooops Remover! I like to stick to that when you’re starting out, or even when I get a new color, so the true colors shines through and isn’t altered by the gloss! It’s our most moisturizing gloss and I always recommend wearing it through the exfoliation process and to bed. The only thing more moisturizing than Glossy is our AMAZING lip balm, but that can’t be worn with colors!

Tinted Glosses are SO much fun! They can completely change up your look and are great for a midday switch when you don’t have time to remove or change your LipSense color! Opal is my absolute FAVORITE, it’s going to have the most extreme effect on your color! I like that it can help cool down some colors that are too warm on me. These aren’t going to be quite as moisturizing as Glossy, but a couple of them, Pearl and Opal, tend to be thicker and some ladies have told me they seem to help their color have even more staying power!

Glitter Glosses are gorgeous! I’m so partial to glitter and I need everything to sparkle, but these are ranked separately from the tinted glosses because they could break down your color a little faster. They aren’t any less moisturizing than tinted, but the particles can physically speed up the wearing process. Makes sense! You can follow the Matte application tips (below) to help protect your color. I announced earlier this week that Silver Glitter was FINALLY back! You can expect to know when Pink and Gold are available too, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be soon!

Matte Gloss is super silky and super trendy, but the least moisturizing and the only one I will not sub into your starter kit, even if you ask nicely. It’s recommended that you use Matte ON TOP of Glossy Gloss to give you the most hydration and staying power and still get that beautiful matte finish! Just put on Glossy like you normally would, finish up whatever you need to do (I’ll do my ShadowSense while I’m waiting), then wipe off the Glossy and smooth Matte Gloss on. It’s almost like a super soft oil rather than a gloss and goes on like a face primer to fill in all the creases and give you the perfect finish! I’d be happy to include one WITH a starter kit, but not instead of Glossy, use both!

But I already have plenty of lip gloss, I’ll just use an old one. Ack!! No! I promise it’s not a sales tactic, all of my customers will tell you that I refuse to sell you something you don’t need. But you need the gloss to work with your color! Other brands are designed to sit on top of your lips and give shine and maybe smell good. LipSense is designed to give you the healthiest lips possible, and it can only do that when our gloss is allowed to soak through the color! If you top if with a different product, it will extend the exfoliation process, break down the color, and leave you disappointed.


Make sure you check my inventory to see which glosses I currently have available and let me know which one you NEED me to carry!

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