Get Your Glow On!

MakeSense Pearlizer is an amazing addition to your SeneGence face! With all the benefits of our foundations and SenePlex Complex, Pearlizer is one of our most flexible products!


You can use Pearlizer on top of any of our foundations, BlushSense, or ShadowSense to complete your look and add a luminescent dimension with light reflecting pigments to highlight and bring out your natural glow. Use as a highlighter on your cheeks and brow bones to achieve a contoured look without looking too drastic. It’s going to give you the same long wearing magic with water resistance just like you expect from LipSense, ShadowSense, and MakeSense products!


Pearlizer can also be mixed into any product to bring that glow from the inside out! All of our products are designed to be used together as part of the SenePlex SkinCare System and can be layered or mixed to achieve the perfect look.


Choose between Original or Advanced Anti Aging Pearlizer and start playing with your perfect glow! I want to try it with you! I’m ordering mine at the end of the month, let’s get yours ordered at the same time and I’ll give you 15% off ANY order that contain Pearlizer! How are you going to customize your SeneGence face with Pearlizer? I can’t WAIT to mix mine with the Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer that I’m officially obsessed with!



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