Matte, Shimmer, and Frost

We’ve talked about how LipSense has 36 AMAZING colors to choose from, not to mention limited edition and special release colors that are added to the line all the time! The layering possibilities are literally endless and I LOVE trying to make my new favorite combo!


But there’s so much more to choose than just your color! Let’s talk about finish.

There are three finishes currently offered by LipSense: Matte, Shimmer, and Frost.


Matte is going to give you a flat color with no reflection in the light. Matte colors are super trendy right now and they’re so fun to play with! You can top it off with any of our glosses for a little shine, or use our Matte gloss for no shine. It’s also a great base for combos! Matte options include: Apple Cider, Bella, Blu-Red, Bravo, Dark Pink, First Love, Fly Girl, Mulled Wine, Nude, Persimmon, Praline Rose, Purple Reign, Roseberry, Samon, Sheer Berry, and Strawberry Shortcake.

Collage 2017-07-11 08_28_08-1

Shimmers have glitter to reflect light. Some are way more obvious than others, Aussie Rose and Bombshell have a subtle sparkle, while Precious Topaz has big glitter particles that give an awesome shimmer! Maybe you were lucky enough to get a color from the limited edition Diamond collection that had MAJOR sparkles with actual diamond dust! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that those make a comeback! Colors that have that shimmer are: Aussie Rose, Bombshell, Caramel Latte, Cocoa, Dawn Rising, Kiss for a Cause, Lexie Beary, Napa, Plumeria, Pomegranate, and Precious Topaz.

Collage 2017-07-11 08_19_53-1

Frosts are going to have the highest light reflection with an iridescent sheen rather than just the sparkle of shimmers. You can crank up the shine by laying and with our glitter glosses, or tone in down with a matte. One of my favorites, I feel like you can’t go wrong with frosts! Colors that will bring you maximum shine are: Beige Champagne, Caramel Apple, Fire-N-Ice, Luv It, Mauve Ice, Nutmeg, Pink Champagne, and Plum Pretty.

Collage 2017-07-11 08_37_02-1

Mix and match or stick to one color and finish, whichever you prefer I can’t wait to get the right color for you!

So. What will you choose?






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