If I Can Rock It, So Can You!

Serious time, yall. I have had such an amazing journey with SeneGence and I can (and have) go on and on about it! I feel so fortunate to have entered this business when I did – when we were in the middle of MASSIVE growth and there were literally no LipSense products in stock in the warehouse. For weeks. Months. There was nothing!


I’ve seen women who joined and a month later they were ranked and quitting their day jobs and making tens of thousands of dollars a month. And I’m SO proud of them! SeneGence is a family, and when one SeneSister succeeds we all succeed! This business is not a zero-sum game. There can never (probably) be so many distributors that there are literally no more customers. Not gonna happen! The biggest trend I’ve seen with these women? They already had a following. Maybe they’re bloggers. Maybe they sold some other product and had a secure customer base. And they dove in to SeneGence head first and ROCKED it! Go girls!


Then, I’ve seen women who joined expecting the above to be the norm. They thought this was going to lead them to financial freedom. Tomorrow. Now. Well.. it can! And it will! If you work for it! It’s SO easy to get down on yourself when it DOESN’T happen immediately. What am I doing wrong?

Nothing!! If you hustle, if you try your hardest, if you turn into the crazy lady who puts swatches on her cashier’s hand at Target because she hasn’t made a sale in a while and maybe she’ll buy (yeah, guilty), you WILL rock this!


Go easy on yourself. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself today will be AWESOME! You’re gonna wear your LipSense stripes and hold your head high. Are you going to make a sales pitch? Maybe! Are you going to sell a million dollars in products? Maybe! Are you going to sign five new girls to your downline and teach them how to rock it? MAYBE!

I think that is the biggest key to this business if you’re just starting out. The maybes. Make your maybes positive! Am I making millions of dollars right now? No. But I’m able to get my nails done, get my car repaired, get some new shoes, take my kiddo to a (way overpriced) water park, and not worry about any of it all in one weekend! And that’s a big step up from my life as a single mommy a year ago! And maybe tomorrow I’ll hit the big bucks.

So… what’s your maybe?

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