ShadowSense Tips!

I think one of the biggest secrets of SeneGence is the ShadowSense. Everyone knows about LipSense, the skin care is AMAZING, and the foundations will last you all day.. and poor little ShadowSense seems to kind of disappear into the distance. It’s not posted everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram. I’m ready to change that!

But, we’ve already covered the basics. Today I want to help you get the perfect all day shadow!


Step One:

Start with clean, dry lids. Just like with your LipSense, ShadowSense needs a clean base! If you prefer using a primer, I recommend ShadowSense in Candlelight or Sandstone Pearl, but it’s not necessary to lock down the color!

Step Two:

I’ve seen it done both ways, but I get better results by NOT using the applicator wand directly on my lids. I’ll dab a shadow brush on the applicator tip and use the brush. When I say dab, I mean teeny tiny little tap. This cream-to-powder shadow is HIGHLY pigmented and buildable, so you can always add more if you feel like it’s not dark enough, but it’s long wearing so it’s hard to tone it down if you get too much product and look like a raccoon!


Step Three:

Blend blend blend! Using thin layers, blend your ShadowSense in with your brush. Really smudge it in.

Step Four:

Let it dry! Don’t open your eyes completely until it’s dried. It doesn’t take long, but this is (to me) the most important step in avoiding a crease later in the day. I use this time to put on my LipSense since it will need to dry too!


After it’s dried, you can layer to your heart’s content by repeating the steps! It’s NOT hard, it’s NOT super different than the shadows you’ve always used (like LipSense, that takes a little training after using wax-based lipsticks!). But, these little tips will make sure your ShadowSense lasts ALL day! As always, I have a video on my VIP group to demo this in person and I’m always here if you have a question I haven’t answered! I want you to LOVE your makeup!


So, where are you going to use YOUR ShadowSense?



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