Ugly LipSense Combos!

I challenged my ladies on my Facebook group to create an ugly combination with my personal stock. It was super fun and they liked coming up with suggestions!

Collage 2017-05-20 21_27_21

Here’s the secret though. I’m CONVINCED it’s not possible. You can’t make a bad color! Ok, so you could make one that isn’t flattering to my skin tone, or one that brings out the red undertones in acne.. but not an ugly COLOR.

The options were Precious Topaz, Fire N Ice, Napa, Roseberry, Pink Champagne, Bombshell, Apple Cider, Purple Reign, Kiss for a Cause, Samon, Crimson Red Diamond, Bella, Sassy Z, Aussie Rose, Dawn Rising, Nude, and Praline Rose. Whew!

With that number of colors, there are SO many options to choose from! So why did they all pick on my beloved Samon? A lot of options paired a pink with a brown. That won’t work yall, my first two colors were Kiss for a Cause and Nude, they layer great!

Combo #1!

Instead of making an ugly color, we may have made my new favorite!

Collage 2017-05-23 19_52_38

(Pictured: why I take my selfies in the morning. My hair does not hold up well to shower and bedtime shenanigans with my three year old!)

Combo #2!

Picking on my Samon again! Ok, this color is not super flattering on me, but the color isn’t bad! Don’t blame the combo!

Collage 2017-05-23 20_46_14

Runner Up Combo!

Just because I was having fun, I did one more. Full disclosure, I knew this would look great because it was pretty close to the combo I wore on Sunday!

Collage 2017-05-23 20_49_22

Have you seen a truly ugly combo? I’d love to see proof, I don’t believe it’s out there!


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