I joined! Now what?

How exciting!! I can’t wait to hear how you grow your little business and where it can take you!


I approached my set up a little differently, so these graphics will be a little out of order, along with extra tips and tricks to help you feel confident when you tell people that YOU are their new lip girl!


Step One

Before you do anything, I highly recommend setting up a bank account just for your SeneGence business. There’s lots of reasons for this. You have everything right where you need it for tax time. Use this bank account for all expenses and income, save all your receipts, make all orders through this account! It can be any free account with whatever bank you prefer. I did choose to use a different bank than the one I use personally, only so that I couldn’t be tempted to transfer over more money than I meant to. The colors can be tempting!

Step 2


Make your first order! The size of your order is a personal choice and depends on a few things. #1- How much money do you want to invest upfront? One of the marketing tools used to bring new ladies on is that it’s only a $55 investment, but it can (and should) be a little more than that if you want to grow quickly. I do NOT have a lot of personal cash to invest, and that’s true for a lot of ladies, so don’t feel like you have to reach your 750 PV immediately! #2- Do you already have LipSense colors? I signed up before I had even tried the product! So I HAD to order a couple of colors from the start to be able to start posting selfies and marketing my business! If you already have a couple that you can market and would prefer to take preorders, do that! (WARNING– Did you sign up while we are still going through the amazing growing pains and products are out of stock? Try to avoid preorders if that’s the case, you do NOT want to have to tell your customer that you can’t find her color!). #3- Do you have parties ready to be booked now? It can be disheartening to place a massive order, have LipSense coming out of your ears, and have to struggle to book parties! Get your parties ready, then get that stock!

I’m NOT saying don’t order. Definitely order. We are so used to instant gratification that if I want makeup, I’m more likely to buy it NOW and take it home! It’s easier to demo and let your ladies fall in love than try to show them pictures and hope they buy! My personal recommendation (for what it’s worth) is to order three tubes of three or four colors – don’t forget the gloss! This will get you to your 300 PV, which makes it worth the cost of shipping and will still turn a profit, and will give you the possibility of 1 tester, 1 or 2 sales, and maybe 1 for you if that’s a color you don’t already have.


You will (obviously) be charges shipping from the warehouse, make sure that it doesn’t affect your profits! Always try to avoid ordering one or two items. Not worth it.

Whew, this is going to be long! I’ll try to talk less!

Step 3


Your Facebook group is the easiest, cheapest (free!) way to spread the word that you’ve joined SeneGence! I chose to make a closed, but not private, group. That way members need to be approved before they can be added, but people can still see what’s going on. It’s so important to have your team on your group, work together and like and comment on everyone’s posts so that Facebook knows people like your posts and want to see them!

When you’re adding people, there are two ways people tend to do it. You can share you group on your wall, explain what it is, message friends to join who may be interested, and grow organically with friends and new customers as they come along. Or, you can be pushy and add every lady you know who is even remotely interested in cosmetics or skin care of any kind, and post an introduction thanking them for consideration and explaining the group. (Here’s the one I used)


I chose the second one. Expect them to leave. My numbers dropped to about 75% after the first two weeks. That’s ok!! We have all been added to a group we didn’t want to be in and there’s nothing wrong with leaving. Don’t take it personally!

Step 4


This part was super fun for me! I LOVE my business cards, and have even ordered a matching tote bag I carry around town for marketing! (I’ll be honest, so far there’s no hits from the bag. It’s cute though). I used Zazzle for personalized marketing and had mixed results. The product was always great, it’s the processing time you can’t count on. Still waiting for an order that was supposed to have shipped three weeks ago. But I want it, so I’ll wait!

Remember: your cards HAVE TO SAY “Independent Distributor” if you make any reference to SeneGence or LipSense. You can have a contact card with just your info, but if you say you work with the company, you MUST make it clear that you are just a distributor.

A little less fun, but still shopping ( and I have a weakness for office supplies of any kind!), the packaging and demo supplies. Here’s what I found to match my marketing theme and for the best price! You can click the images for more info!

  • These mailers have been perfect for my out of town customers, and I always know that the products are safe and snug inside!
  • I always use the lip wands for testers, and they’re so cheap that it doesn’t hurt when someone wants to try ALL the colors! *whispers* I kind of think these work better than the applicators that come with the colors *gasp*
  • I LOVE my organza bags for packaging! I’ve seen some SeneSisters use ribbons or pretty things, but this is SO easy and looks just as good! Be warned, these bulk bags are the absolute best value and come with 100 bags… from overseas. Order them ASAP! I had to pick up a couple from Michael’s to hold me over until they got here. This is the only thing I got that wasn’t available through Prime, everything else came immediately and with free shipping!
  • I would argue that the first three items are ABSOLUTELY necessary to your business. Thank you stickers? Maybe not… BUT I think they are super cute and add a little extra to your order, which makes you stand out from anyone they’ve ordered from in the past!
  • Usually, I’ll add a little thank you note too, I don’t have a particular one, Michael’s has some that are about 2″x2″ and almost always has one of the designs on the clearance aisle.

Step 5

Here’s where I differ pretty hard from some uplines. If they encourage you to do a launch party and you’re ready to go, DO IT! Rock that party!

I would not have been ready. My recommendation for Step 5 is to STUDY! You have access to the back office now, use it! Click on every link!


Learn everything there is to know about SeneGence and the products! Learn what you need to know to sell, how to make big money, how to win a CAR, what Significant SeneSeller means and why you want it! Study the training materials you got in the mail when you signed up! Read Joni’s book! It gave me a lot of insight into the company to know what her process was in founding it.

Step 6


This wasn’t necessary while making your orders, but you saved all those receipts, right? Now, sit down and log every dime spent so far. Have you made any sales yet? Make sure all of your income, expenses, giveaways, loss, returns, exchanges, are tracked in one place to save you headache in the long run!

You are in the red. Guarantee it. You have spent money out of your pocket because you believe it will better yourself, your life, and the life of your family. IT WILL.

If you stay positive, keep trying, wear your stripes and talk to EVERYONE like the crazy lip lady I know you can be, then this. will. work. Not tomorrow, not next month even, but one day you’ll blink and realize that this was one of the best decisions you ever made.

If you haven’t already made the leap, I would love to be the one to guide you through this whirlwind! I am available 24/7 and proud to offer one-on-one guidance whenever you need it!

(Ooops, we didn’t talk about stripes. One of the most effective ways to market is FREE, just paint some swatches on your hand before you walk out the door in the mornings! Most ladies I’ve seen do actual stripes, I switch it up with hearts)

Collage 2017-05-16 07_43_53






(This post contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a small credit if you click on it. This will be very rare on this site and I only recommend products I have used and will 100% stand by.)





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