LipSense is EASY!

I’ve talked before about how to apply LipSense, and how super fun it is to play with layering and combos. I have had so much fun playing with new colors and seeing what they look like together and with different glosses!


So I was super surprised when I saw something on Pinterest that said “LipSense is so pretty, but it looks to complicated, you have to use too many different ones and stuff. I don’t think I want to do that”.

WHAT?!? That is just wildly untrue! I had to make a super quick post in response to that view. If this is enough to hold you back from trying LipSense, DON’T LET IT! The only time you NEED more than one color is if you come to me with a different brand to match and the only way to do that is through layering.


I would LOVE to find your one perfect color and then you’ll never need me again until you run out. And that happens! But it’s rare.. most of us get hooked! There are SO many color options!


But that doesn’t mean you have to play with layers! Let’s find what YOU like about LipSense and stick with that! No pressure!


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