Let’s talk cost

One of the most common questions I’m asked is “why does it cost so much?”.

The cost of a starter kit can definitely make someone cringe if they are unfamiliar with LipSense. You can’t just buy the color. After you have your kit though, you can just replace tubes as needed and keep the cost down!


And with LipSense, you really are getting your money’s worth! In the example above, you are getting over 700% more product (WHAAAAT?! Yes, I quadruple checked my math. That sounded insane!!).

Not only is there more per tube, it’s going to last longer since LipSense is an all-day formula! One LipSense color is estimated to last up to 6 months with DAILY use.

As we’ve already talked about, cheap makeup is not good! You’re getting so much more than just volume when you use LipSense. With the lead-free formula that is vegan, waterproof, and not tested on animals, you are getting quality you can trust.


Ready to feel the difference for yourself? Remember SeneGence products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and I wouldn’t have it any other way for my customers I care about!

Of course once the addiction picks up into full swing, a discount DEFINITELY helps! Get yours now!


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk cost”

  1. Hi Torie! This article is super informative! I was wondering if I can use these two graphics on my Facebook page. I’m just starting out and I love these. Please let me know, thank you!


  2. Hi there Rachel! I’m so glad you found this helpful while you start out! All of my graphics are from public use groups unless they have my face on them, then you’re still free to use, I just ask that you give me credit! Thanks so much for asking!


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