Skin Sin #1 – Sun Overexposure

Over on my Facebook group, we’re talking about the 7 Skin Sins we all make, and how to correct them with SeneGence products!

Sin #1 – Sun overexposure

As summer sneaks up on us, it’s time again to think about our plans to protect against overexposure! Too much sun means different things for different people, I’m SUPER pale, so my “too much” is about 45 minutes

Collage 2017-04-21 07_29_02

It actually makes it HARDER to tell if you’ve had too much sun when your skin doesn’t immediately burn like a lobster! (See? There’s some benefits to being translucent!) That beautiful tan you get today can lead to skin damage and aging, or even much worse!

SeneGence announced this April that they are releasing a sunscreen, SeneSun, and I’m SO excited to share it with you! Be sure to keep a close eye here and on Facebook for updates when it comes available!


As always, SeneGence doesn’t just make products that work, they take it one step further! This sunscreen can be expected to work AND provide amazing benefits to your skin through Aloe Vera, Homosalate, and SenePlex Complex! With SPF 30 protection, you’ll be ready to hit the beach without worrying about damage!

But what if you step outside and blind people walking by? Don’t you need a little sun damage to get that tan for the summer? NOPE.


SeneGence’s Self-Tanning Bronzing Milk has amazing results overnight, so you can be ready for anything! The tanner reacts with proteins in your skin to give you a beautiful glow, and (I’m going to repeat myself a lot) includes SenePlex complex to continue to give you your healthiest skin!

On a daily basis, it’s recommended to wear a minimum 15 SPF on your face. Yes, even if you’re not outside much. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! MakeSense Foundations have a mechanical UV protection equivalent to 15 SPF, and that is increased to 30 SPF when used with our moisturizers!


As someone who has to be very careful with wording, I was concerned when I saw “equivalent to” SPF. What does that mean?! Am I gonna get burned or not? A mechanical shield just means that rather than using special chemicals to block the sun’s rays, the pigments in the product are physically blocking the sun instead. Like wearing a long sleeve shirt.


Your MakeSense Foundation will protect your skin, LipSense will protect your lips, SeneSun has your body covered, your ready to rock this summer! I don’t have any big plans yet, let me live vicariously through you! Where are you going?

Lip Screen






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