BLUE Red?!

Blu Red, our brightest red LipSense (in stock now!), brings up an interesting question. How is that blue? That’s RED!


I love that it’s called that, because the undertones of lip colors are usually NOT named outright.

Color Undertones

Lip colors will either be cool (blue-based), warm (yellow-based), or neutral. Our Beauty Book has them split up into categories, and I will always try to label them like the picture above. Sometimes you know very well that the bright orange color is yellow-based and the purple is blue-based. But how can you tell which undertones that light pink has? Usually, it’s hard. And sometimes it won’t matter and the color will look AWESOME either way.

I tend to need cool colors.  I have some warm tones that I LOVE (my beautiful Samon!!) and will never let them go, then there’s some that I put on and they look almost orange because of my coloring (looking at you, Apple Cider). Most cosmetics are formulated this way, either warm, cool, or neutral. Including foundation.

How do I know?!

It’s easy to figure out your skin tone. I usually recommend sticking to it for foundations. Use it more like a loose guideline for colors, don’t limit yourself there!

Ok, I have pink palms and blue/purple veins.. but I prefer gold jewelry? You can absolutely be a cool leaning neutral! If you need help figuring it out, let me know! I’ve been successful at determining with a couple of pictures and questions and I’d love to help you too! Even if you aren’t interested in buying from me today, don’t buy the wrong foundation again!



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