SeneGence Growth

I want to take a sec and talk to yall about our company. There has been AMAZING growth over the last year.. no one could have imagined we could grow so quickly, 2,030% growth!



So far in 2017, we have DOUBLED the sales for the entire year of 2016! How crazy is that?!

This huge growth has brought some growing pains and interesting challenges for distributors to find exactly what you are looking for. Corporate is doing everything they can to keep up with this insane growth and so am I. A new factory and distribution center have been built, duplicate colors were cut from the line, and an upgrade to the distributor online order system have been put in place to keep us growing!


So, when I say things are limited and you should snatch that color up NOW, you really should. I will always try my hardest to find your perfect, out of stock, hard to find color (and so far I have a 100% success rate), but I would hate for you to think you can wait to buy that PERFECT color, only for it to be gone next time!

I love yall and LOVE seeing the color and confidence your LipSense and SeneGence products bring you, and I can’t wait to continue this growth together!


If you’re interested in hearing more about this growth and how you can take full advantage of this amazing opportunity before it’s too late, hit me with your questions! Before making the leap, I researched (obsessed) about the network marketing aspect and SeneGence. The biggest difference between the negative blogs who decided to leave the company and the success stories? THEIR TEAM! I am part of an amazing team. I would be there for you 100% of the way, as would the rest of my girls who show the love and support you need to get off the ground and share your LipSense love with everyone! Here is your chance!



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