SeneGence 101 – #7 Foundation

MakeSense Foundation

MakeSense and MakeSense Advanced Anti-Aging Foundations by SeneGence are my unicorn. I love the fun colors of LipSense and ShadowSense, but they will never look as beautiful without a clear foundation to start with. I have battled acne since my son was born three years ago and had come to terms with the fact that foundation would cover my breakouts for a couple hours, then wear off and I’d look like a teenager for the rest of the day. Not good when in a management position and you want to be taken seriously!


Not anymore! This stuff lasts ALL day you guys! I actually didn’t understand the purpose of makeup remover for foundation until this beauty came along! I prefer to use the Anti-Aging formula simply because a very good friend I worked with told me to start it asap (and she looks 25 years younger than her age. I’ll believe her)!

With so many colors to choose from, it’s easy to get the right shade for you. But to make it even easier, MakeSense Foundation has a color match technology that will adjust up or down three shades! As always, the foundation has SenePlex Complex to give you your healthiest skin, AND SeneShield with a mechanical shield up to SPF 15.

LipSense has very specific tips for use to get the perfect all-day wear. But MakeSense can be applied however you prefer. I do lean toward a brush as there’s less product wasted or soaked up in a sponge.

It’s so easy to blend this foundation, you can use BlushSense, the beautiful Pearlizer, or even our ShadowSense colors to add the color and contour you want!


With combination oily skin, it’s HARD to find a foundation that gives you a healthy glow, rather than just greasy. MakeSense maintains your skin’s moisture and provides the vitamins it needs.

I could rant about this foundation all day! However, I don’t keep shades in stock as it’s so hard to predict what I’ll need! Let me know what color you want to try! As always, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so why not?


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