SeneGence 101 Series – #4 Eyes

SeneGence for Eyes


This post is the hardest to make short and sweet because SeneGence has SO many products for your eyes!

Starting with EyeSense, the same long-wear, waterproof, smudgeproof technology in liquid eyeliner is a lifesaver for someone like me who can’t seem to stop touching my eyes during the day! With a super thin applicator brush, it can be a subtle line or layered for bold cat eye looks! Currently available in Black or Black Brown. Like more color in your liner? ShadowSense can easily be used as a liner with an eyeliner brush!


UnderSense Lash Builder

UnderSense lengthener give your eyelashes the moisture and nutrients to encourage strong, healthy lashes. Followed by LashSense mascara, your longest lashes are going to last all day!

Lash Extend

By far my favorite concept, I had never heard of this before SeneGence. The LashExtend is applied like eyeliner, and can be purchased in clear, brown, or black. I remember trying all kinds of  different eyelash growth products from the store in high school, but they were all either serums applied with a weird plastic wand, or SUPER thick clumpy white mascara I was expected to be able to cover up with actual mascara and not end up with spider lashed! This LashExtend can be worn all day, for best results it’s encouraged to apply the clear formula before bed as well.

SeneGence has grown into so much more than just magic lipstick! I can’t wait to share the full line with you!


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