SeneGence 101 Series – #2 BrowSense

Welcome back to our SeneGence 101 course! If you missed the first discussion on LipSense, check it out here!



With the same long wear technology used in LipSense, BrowSense is wonderful for lighter or thinner brows. But because it’s applied like an eyeliner instead of a mascara, it doesn’t rely on the existing eyebrows to stick. Sweatproof and smudge proof, it’s super easy to hop on the thick eyebrow trend going around! Just… don’t overdo it, kay?


One of the reasons I feel so strongly about this product even though I probably won’t use it myself on a regular basis is that it can stay put and look natural for people who have lost their eyebrows.

My family has a strong history of cancer and fights hard against it. The battle is hard enough without the psychological warfare that happens when you look in the mirror and have lost what we believe to be our beauty: hair, eyebrows, eyelashes. This product can help boost morale and the self-confidence that is so vital when on the battlefield. If you are interested in trying this product because you are kicking cancer’s ass, contact me for a special discount.


Ready to try it?


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