SeneGence 101 Series – #1

Any sales person will make the claim that their product is special and different, so I came to SeneGence a skeptic. After using the product, educating myself on the benefits, and diving headfirst into an addiction, I decided to help others make up their own minds about the company. Welcome to the first day of the course!



The premier product of SeneGence, LipSense was designed so that our founder could kiss her sweet baby boy without getting lipstick everywhere. That’s when she decided to make cosmetics that did what they promised. They truly do and that is so important to me both as a customer and a distributor.


We’ve talked about applying LipSense in pretty good detail already, which includes details about ingredients and best methods to get that all day color. The results will vary anywhere from 5-18 hours. The lighter colors last longer, but my super bright Kiss for a Cause still lasts 12 hours with just a little wear on the water line!


LipSense has all the bases covered. I’ll admit that I never necessarily based my decisions on a product’s origin, but for LipSense to be cruelty free, vegan, 98% natural, lead free, gluten free, FDA tested, AND kosher proved to me that this is a company who cares about the quality of their product. What I didn’t know is that it’s incredibly uncommon for cosmetics to be FDA tested, and that a LOT of the lipsticks that do eventually get tested are well over the approved threshold for lead. I kinda thought that’s what the FDA did all along!



The first day of class is always short and sweet! Follow along for the next week while we learn all about the SeneGence line!



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