LipSense for Mama!

Do you know someone who always waits until the last minute for Mother’s Day? Don’t be that guy! My perception of Mother’s day has changed so much since becoming a mommy. I love my mama and have always tried to take care of her on her special day… but now it feels more personal! You’re thanking the person who takes care of you everyday and puts herself last, sometimes meaning she puts herself off till never.

Whether it’s your mama or the mama taking care of your own kiddos, let me help you out this Mother’s Day!


Flowers are beautiful, and we always appreciate them.. but did you really put a lot of thought into it? What’s her favorite flower? Which color? Which flower shop uses extra perfume that makes her miserable but she doesn’t want to throw them away because you got them for her and why do you keep calling the same shop every time with the perfume?!

You know what would make those flowers extra special? A SeneGence gift card tied around them. BOOM. Thoughtful. Click here to get your gift card today. Then call a new flower shop.


Maybe you don’t want to give a gift card. Thinking about a nice new vacuum? Did she ask for a vacumm? No? Don’t you dare get that vacuum! Send me a couple of pictures from your date nights, her favorite selfies from work, the picture of her that makes your heart stop. I can help you get the perfect lip color for her. Let me pick, promise.


Pssst… You know you’re helping yourself out too, right? She’s gonna love your gift, which means more kisses for you. But they’re LipSense kisses, so no lipstick for you. You won this Mother’s Day!






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