Applying LipSense

LipSense is a game changer. Lip color that lasts all day?! But, only if you apply it correctly! This is (a much longer post than anticipated) designed to help you rock your perfect color!

Remember to start with clean, dry lips! Witch hazel is perfect to remove any residue you may have from your day, but won’t be necessary with every application.

Tip #1: Shake


The LipSense formula is made up of incredibly fine pigments and SD40 cosmetic grade alcohol to create a smooth, even color. Shake it, baby! 

Why alcohol? Not only to keep the shelf life for longer, the alcohol makes sure your LipSense is sanitary and ready to go! When applying, the alcohol evaporates and leaves the pigment behind. The first time you apply, there may be a tingling as your lips are detoxed from build-up left over from other products. Totally normal, don’t worry! This will go away after you’ve used it a couple of days!

Tip #2: Apply in Three THIN layers


Layer one is meant to be broken down by your lips and will vary based on your Ph levels.

Layer two is the star of the show, protected from both sides, this pigment isn’t going anywhere!

Layer three will be broken down by the environment. What makes up your lip environment? EVERYTHING! Food, wind, dirt (West Texans know exactly how much dirt is in the environment), saliva… your lips take a beating! LipSense keeps them protected!

*Layer four. GLOSS! Your glossy gloss is going to lock in that beautiful color and moisturize your lips!

Tip #3: Apply in One Direction!

One direction text

LipSense is not lipstick and can’t be treated the same! We’re all in the habit of rubbing lipstick back and forth to get deep color, only for it to get too thick and smudge.

LipSense forms a molecular bond with your lips rather than blocking them. If you rub the application back and forth, you will break that bond.

Tip #4: Do Not Close Your Mouth!

When you’re applying your LipSense, wait for each layer to fully dry (5-10 seconds). While waiting, fight the urge to rub your lips together!

Keep your lips open and tight to avoid the color settling in the creases.

mouth open

Tip #5: Glossy Gloss!

Your starter kit included glossy gloss for a reason! Not only a perfect seal for your LipSense color, this gloss is ultra-moisturizing!

If your lips were tingling on application, they should stop now and soak in that shea butter!



Whew! Anything I missed? Do not be intimidated by this list! It’s not meant to overcomplicate things! Just to learn from others’ mistakes!


Ready to try it out?



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