LipSense Color Lineup

Have you noticed that your distributor had less stock lately? Getting close to the end of your favorite color? Don’t panic! SeneGence is making BIG changes for you and me, it’s very exciting!

SeneGence made the decision to take production into their own hands and build a new facility in Oklahoma (woohoo, faster shipping around here!). In addition to taking full control of the product, the MASSIVE color line is going to be pared down to 36 beautiful colors.

Thank you!! That will make it SO much easier to pick my next color! There will still be seasonal colors and limited colors, especially around the holidays, so we may see the lineup grow in time. But for now, I’m very excited to have a product line that isn’t too overwhelming.

The big announcement of the final 36 will be made Friday!

What color do you need to stick around?


I can’t wait to see where SeneGence can take us together! If you’re interested in being a part of the journey, be sure to click here or contact me to get all your questions answered before you take the leap with me! It just keeps getting better!



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