Cheap Makeup

How many times have you gone into Target and wandered the makeup aisles, throwing everything in your hand basket (because, no, I don’t need a cart this time and I’m not going to get that much… I can carry three baskets and a new purse, it’s still NOT THAT MUCH because it’s not a cart!!)?


(You sang it, didn’t you?)

Only to go home, fawn over the beautiful new products and colors, and use them for exactly 1.3 weeks before realizing they don’t last all day, make your eyes itchy, get in your contacts, clash with literally every color you wear, etc etc…

Repeat after me:


Good makeup isn’t cheap and cheap makeup isn’t good!

I LOVE my cheap target makeup and will always have a special place in my heart for them. I will probably always use their brushes because I’m guilty of not cleaning applicators like I should. But the eyeshadow that maybe lasts until lunch? Nope! The lipstick that smells funny and clumps up? Nada.

LipSense and ShadowSense are my one true love.


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